about the author:

I’m a transplanted Philadelphian living and working in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Currently working as a PhD researcher at Queen’s University Belfast, I focus on areas of religion, gender and language. I hold several postgraduate degrees from Baylor University in social work, theology and anthropology of religion. In “real life” I’m also a newlywed, figuring out work-life balance and how to not make my husband feel like my research is the third-wheel in our marriage! I love living in Belfast but I miss home something fierce.

about the blog:

As an ex-pat, my life is a kaleidoscope and I hope this blog reflects that. It contains academic posts, posts on gender, thoughts on religion, things about ex-pat life and travel tips for Northern Ireland. If you are here for only one topic, make sure to utilize the “tags” and “topics” links.



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