starting at the very beginning

As I begin my introductory series on Northern Ireland, I thought it would be a good idea to start at the beginning. The first few posts, therefore, will cover a basic history of the small nation before I start launching into the basics of the culture. I will be talking about “The Troubles”, of course as they are a defining series of events, but it is always important to remember they are not the only truth about Northern Ireland.

All that being said – let’s begin!

First thing to know about Northern Ireland: Northern Ireland is a country.

While it is located on the island of Ireland, there are two countries on the island.

Country Number One: The Republic of Ireland
Member of the European Union
Currency: Euro
Capital: Dublin

Country Number Two: Northern Ireland
Member of the United Kingdom
Currency: Pound Sterling
Capital: Belfast

Both countries have overlapping culture and a loose border between the two, but they are two different countries. So while it is geographically correct to say that I’m moving to Ireland, it is politically incorrect and is, in fact, a giant pet peeve of mine.

With that out of the way, tune in next time for a chat about the Ulster Plantation.