tourism tips

I get asked often about tips for traveling around the Emerald Isle. As someone who has lived here for several years and married to someone who is born here, we are happy to oblige!

We’re also people who travel a lot, so I’ll be creating pages of tips for our favorite cities around the world; consult those for

Please consult specific pages for specific cities, but here are some general tips for coming to visit and planning your trip:

  • ¬†Ireland’s weather is generally always rainy, but the bursts of best weather are generally in June and September
  • If coming specifically to Northern Ireland, avoid the month of July. There is a specific cultural festival that takes place here on the 12th and it means travel disruptions and closures. Plus, a lot of people take holidays during this time so many local cafes and small shops are closed.
  • The golfing is best in the north – if you’re at all interested in the sport, make sure to carve out time to play.
  • If you like seafood, make sure to eat as many mussels, scallops and oysters while you’re here. Absolutely delicious.
  • Dublin and Belfast are about 2hrs apart. If you’re planning on visiting Dublin, take at least a day to visit Belfast as well. Delightful city with more history than you probably realize!

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